Natural Health Care for the Whole Family

Health and Vitality are the Natural State of your body and mind. You have an inherent, intelligent, inborn self-healing capacity that can be harnessed to return you to health and well-being. This is the purpose of natural medicine, and this is Dr. Futterman’s goal with each and every patient.

Dr. Futterman uses the full range of natural medicines: Diet and Nutrition to make sure your body and mind are well-nourished; Herbal medicines to help balance and protect you, as well as to treat infections and pain; Homeopathic remedies and Flower essences to help address your unique concerns and to balance the mental-emotional aspect of wellness to address both physical pain and to help create the physical balance necessary for optimal health. They will customize a natural treatment plan to address your concerns, and work with you to fit it into your busy lifestyle.

We are now offering Raindrop Therapy with Young Living Essential Oils with Dorota Matys.  She is available for treatments Thursdays and Saturdays.  Please contact Dorota at dorotart@gmail.com for more information.

Now patients can order online!  Please email Dr.Futterman at scnh.info@gmail.com for your access code.  Current patients only.

If you have questions about our practice, or natural therapies for your particular condition, we hope you’ll contact us. We’re happy to be of service to you.

Have a great day!